Monday, May 6, 2013

43 years for 2013

Assalamualaikum wbt.

agak2 nyer sape la yg da 43-an ni kan.

the most precious person to me till the end, she is my mom.

Rahimah Mohamed.

actually her bday on 03/05.

ape la anak nyer ni kan, baru nk update entry.


baru smpai Sintok kot. 

cuti baru ni xbwk lappy pon.

now, prefer bwk product HERBALIFE drpd bwk lappy.

pas ni mmg nk kene beli ipad puloook.


'mk nk duit 1000, nk beli smart2 phone yg cggh2'

my mom will be said 'kau giler'


funny mom kot. 

now, my mom is most open mommies in the world.

so, anyone want to share with my mom just go on.

my mom is your mom too.


the hadiah yg sempat anakmu ni bagi

kiriman doa dan bacaan Yasin utk mak. (hadiah tanpa kos)

the next present will be arrived soon mak !

nty dyg mnx tolong abg posmen pos kan.

* * *

anyway mak, for this year

you're 43 years old woman.

still single, sbb dyg xpenah SUKE utk mk b'punyer

keep single is the best way.

i love you mak.

I'm so sorry for everything started from born till now and for future too.

I'm not the best daughter for you.

but, pray for you xpernah lupe.

may ALLAH bless on you.

semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusanmu mak.

terus kuat utk menghadapi hari2 mendatang.

Allah ada utk mak.

Thanks so much for everything.

* * *

*saye xsuke upload pics family di laman2 sosial.


this time exclude la sbb nk soh kenal mak i yg paling SEMPOI dlm dunia ni.


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