Monday, May 6, 2013

Gen H



I'm a senior consultant in Herbalife da skg. (bisnes la pulokk)

try the new one. (cari alternatip, maintain health + side income)

Herbalife's product ni sgt superb. (xtipu !)

Actually nk cite the best event yg da pegi setakat ni.


nk kate baru-baru ni xjugak, tp still fresh lagi.

this event berlangsung di Ixora Hotel, Penang

bermalam di sana selama semalam.

nice experience, nice event, nice speaker, nice nice and nice!

* * *

bukti the awesomeness of the event

with kak Rose

felicia, me, yusri, kak rose

with dr. Bustarie Eddie from s'wak

with Sharon

here we're


* * *

after the event, mee udang Sg Dua.

see the nice + awesome.

come and join us, Now !

xrugi plus benefit much2 more.

Bapak PENGKY pesan: Nyanyi

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