Tuesday, March 19, 2013

happy birthday roomate.

siti asmat zahari

assalamualaikum wbt. ape khabar to all reader? hope, everything go well. hihihi.

ce teka, sape dlm pic kat atas tu??? ni la pujaan hero2 malaya. (INI SEMUA POYO). hahaha

actually, xbrp nk jd pujaan sgt la. ayat jealous kn. for your information, mostly my batch interest to her.

she is my roomate when im third semester in UUM. kami dipisahkan oleh tanggungjawab.

but, this time she became my roomate back. i get back my lovely roomate.

this entry special for her sempena birthday celebration yg ke-21. Congratulation.

you still able to see the world. Alhamdullilah, masih diberi nikmat hidup.

so, SELAMAT HARI LAHIR khas buat insan tersayang.

if nk story everything between us mmg xckup page. maklumlah entri blog pjg2 xmnjadi kerelaan c pembaca.

nothing at all. bday party pon xsempat nk celebrate lagi. just a piece of gift , sincere from me.

may Allah bless on you till jannah dear.

Thanks for everything.

Halalkan everything yaaa.

I'm so sorry much2 more than thanks. xterkire rasenyer diri ni buat salah.

Remember me in your pray. Keep in touch.

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