Thursday, February 28, 2013

eden sayang nogori

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Hi u olls. How are u ? Hope everything fine. Hehe. Lame da kot xupdate entry. Kali ni nk update about 

Nogori pulokkks. This is a state that famous with ADAT. Adat Pepatih. Nak tahu more about this states

supposed to be, rajin2 and ringan2 kan la jari jemari anda utk mnx bantuan Abg Google. Abg Google pasti 

tidak mengecewakan anda. If mengecewakan jugak, Xdapet den nk nolong. Ok guys, this is my first time in 

my life menjejakkan kaki ke N9, bukanlah xpernah but what i mean xpenah jejakkan kaki shgga mngglkn 

jejak. Hahaha. Pening u olllsssss. In the easy word, xpenah stay at here (N9) la. The reason why i came 

here is, FREE. Everything is free include fee,transportation,meals, accomodation and etc. Free of charge.

The first picture was taken: 

'HOTEL' d'agroloka

The reason why i bold the word HOTEL is, this place we were stayed for a few days along the program was 

conducted. This is not hotel actually. This is a 'KEM'. Kem macam budak2 PLKN tu. Duduklah dalam 

dewan agroloka ni, dgr briefing from the komanden. Is quite bored. Really bored actually.

unexpected activity

Unexpected bcoz, i'm not ready for such activities. You know, of course you don't know. Hahaha. Actually,

i just bring only one trouser, tu pon yg i pakai. As i know, program ni more on cuti2 Malaysia, but i was 

wrong. Tu la, sape soh xdtg meeting. Pastu org lain buat aktiviti jd penonton jek. Sometimes, rase rugi sbb 

xdpt bersama2 dgn ahli kumpulan yg lain, but at the same time, i was really happy la sbb xyah nk buat aktiviti 

yg quite meng'geli'kan ni.

terowong katak kongkong

After they've done the first task, they need to cross the terowong katak kongkong. Pelik kn name2 check 

point ni. Kongkong la kangkang la kangkung la. Fenin2.

my teammates.

giler2 gamba semuanyer

Dayang : both of u are my best friend beb !


The picture w/out editting :

Done for the part 1. Another picture will appear on the next entry. See u ollsss soon. Thank you.

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