Thursday, September 13, 2012

nini zakiah che ayub

...nini zakiah che ayub...

this entry , about her, request from her.

i'm just do it for her .

she: gamba nini xde pon (dlm entry before2 this)

me: amik kau JAH...semua gamba kau ak letak 

NINI @ Princess Sahara

kelahiran terengganu

also 1991 like me

course : social work

qualification : stpm

its little bit about her.

nk tahu lanjut isi form !!



nini was my assistant in BIRO HAL EHWAL SISWI

we'll work together , InsyaAllah.


nini, you're amazing , you know !

unique !

1 in 1000.

always in 'blurring'

innocent person


& etc.

just be the way you're.

nothing to say anymore about you,

just apologise from bottom of my heart,

always make you hurt.

and nice to know you in my life.

please be careful in your surrounding.

don't trust people easily, try to be the strong woman .

go0d luck my dear,

i love you, whatever you're.

positive thinking will leads the positive outcome.

sincerely from Dayang Nurhidayah Ismail

Exco Hal Ehwal Siswi 2012.