Wednesday, September 19, 2012

hari MALAYSIA 2012


this year, da 55 tahun kite celebrate MERDEKA.

tema 4 this year pulak : JANJI DITEPATI

night of 30th August 2012, i went to K.L to celebrate TWEET merdeka with our Prime Min.

TWEETmerdeka ni actually nk pecahkan rekod, b'tweet dgn PM in 1 hours dgn target 10,000 org.

fortunately, more than that.

at the 1st really2 exciting , want to know the result.

we're going to K.L seramai 1 bus UNIC LEISURE.

at the same time, actually we're in the other programme,( induksi orientasi )

so, kami skip this programme 4 a while. (saje xnk dgr ceramah). every DPP need to obtain by 2 students.

so, i and ZURA HAZWANI yg nk memilih utk dipilih.

its quite interesting bcoz i could see many different people that come. 

i also found a few artist, one of them is bunkface.

so many many people yg dtg.

below, my pictures were taken at the celebration.

both of us at the KPT 

this time inside of the STADIUM Bt. Jalil

after the event, out of stadium

the most beautiful fireworks that i've seen


Hari Malaysia 2012

hari Malaysia sambut kat UUM jek.

16 sept 2012, b'langsung la hari malaysia yg gilang gemilang di UUM

Junior 2012

AIRBUS 380 Malaysia Airlines System

b'gambo dgn mascort

'ANGRY BIRD' kepanasan

fortunately, my big bro dtg jugak !!!

miss him so much


apart from pasukan SORAK dpp MAS


our pres & headmaster of dpp Malaysia Airlines System

reward yg dpt mlm tu :

johan kontigen perbarisan terbaik

tempat ke-3 keseluruhan kontigen terbaik

tdk melepaskan peluang b'gambar dgn model MAS ; DORITA

puteri UMNO gitu

kelas kau MAS

snap dgn 'adik2'





rupa sebenar mascort

*b'akhirlah sambutan kemerdekaan dan hari Malaysia 2012

sekian, terima kasih


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