Tuesday, December 25, 2012

friendship is precious

assalam to all readers.

ok. this time nk update entry about


bejalan, begamba, habiskan duit MAK

 mmg da lumrah stay kat U ni. hihi


but, actually...........hahaha

picture above is enough to describe our relationship among JKPS members.

sume pakat upload gamba yg same. hahaha

almost kat fb masing2 ader folder cameron highland,

 cuma bezanya name of the folder.

suka-suki la, C.H, and so on. whatever la kan.

may be, this is the last time kami bersama,

sbb nyer jawatan yg disandang limit nyer sthn sptotnyer.

yer la kan. bg la chance kat junior2 utk take over the job.

sy start sem lepas jd JKPS ni. sem lepas xde la byk sgt keje.

 sem ni pon sbnrnyer xbyk pon. tp xthu knp

penat semacam jek. hahaha

Pengalaman jd JKPS sem1/2:

  1. firstly, of course dapat korek the experience time orientation week. know, how to handle the junior. best sgt this moment. sume unite sbb nk protect the junior. kdg2 kan funny giler bile t'ingat time tu. yer la, sume JKPS dpp masing2, pentingkan anak buah DPP masing2. kat situ npk la, yg senior2 ni syg kan junior. hahaha.
  2. everything here, the program will be held by pengarah projek la kan, hahaha but the X-officio was the JKPS. mcm dok kat big company jek jd X-officio. bezanya kat company tu CEO. bunyi lbh kurang jek kan. know, how the activities follow the flow. 
  3. byk sbnr nyer suka duka jd one of the JKPS members. need to bring THE name of DPP everywhere. sbb, who nobody that do not know about someone else here, the question that will be appeared ' DPP mane?'. but actually, xsusah pon if we know about the 'responsible'
  4. sometimes, be the 'important' person in DPP, give me 1001 feeling. hahaha. da mcm org bcnte la pulok. the best moment when be a part of this members, dpt DEKAN. hihihi. all people that do not know yg jd JKPS ni sbnrnyer leh improve our CGPA. even it based on the 'rezki' la kan.
  5. bile jd JKPS, ramai yg kenal. boleh dikatakan 1DPP la. hahaha. berlagak retis gitu.
  6. last but not least, ape lagi kan. snap2 sane sini use the NIKON. makan2 angin. meeting makan, program makan, everything will be prepared by the food at the behind of the scene. hahaha.

dean list ceremony.
this picture bukan nk show off but just want to share my successful as a JKPS members.
sape kate jadi JKPS xleh dean. i've done it. you all bile lagi ?
*sekian. sincere from bottom of my heart. GOOD luck for the final exam session. may Allah bless on us
*credit to our lovely pres @arif yusof
*love u alls, insyallah till the ends.

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